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Sights to Catch (Pokémon) in Downtown Halifax

From our serene Public Gardens to our vibrant waterfront, Halifax is a beautiful walkable city, with pre and post conference fun for the whole family. And now, we're preparing for a Pokémon Go downtown takeover, where you can not only catch some great sights, but also encounter Eevees, Pikachus and Geodudes!

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Near and Far – Pam Wamback

If you’ve ever thought of visiting our beautiful province, chances are you’ve checked out our Tourism Nova Scotia website. So we thought we’d go directly to the source and spoke with our friend Pam Wamback about some of the top things to check out in and around Halifax. Find out her recommendations!

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Event Planning 101 – Anticipating Delegate Needs

Whether it’s asking where the nearest coffee shop is, getting a recommendation for a locally inspired meal or asking for directions back to their hotel after a fantastic day of conference sessions, delegates often have questions.  Our Concierge, Phil Osborne, and Event Operations Manager, Steve MacMillan, know exactly what delegates look for when they’re on site for their event. So we asked them to share some tips to help you anticipate your delegate's needs for a great event experience.

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