Do you have any sample floor plans that I can view?

We have included some sample floor plans for theatre, dinner and exhibit set-ups. Visit our Floor Plans page and browse through each level for capacity details and sample room configurations.

Can I supply my own food and/or beverage at my event/in my booth?

The Halifax Convention Centre has exclusive rights to food and beverage services; therefore, food and beverage distribution/sampling is not permitted without prior authorization. Exceptions may be granted to trade shows and conventions that are directly related to the food and beverage industry or upon written approval by the Halifax Convention Centre.

Exhibitors may only distribute products they manufacture, in quantities that are reasonable for the purpose of promoting the product (see enclosed guidelines). It is the responsibility of the client/exhibitor to comply with all regulations as mandated by the Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Division and the Department of Agriculture.

Please contact your event manager for more details.

Is the Halifax Convention Centre fully accessible?

Yes – we are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for our guests. Please see below for full details on accessibility within our facility.


The public sidewalks serving the Halifax Convention Centre feature curb cuts for wheelchair access. Automatic doors are located at the Argyle and Grafton Street entrances to the facility. Drinking fountains and restrooms throughout the building are wheelchair accessible.

Passenger elevators are located inside the Halifax Convention Centre and provide access to all common areas of the building. Elevators are alarm-equipped with two-way communications to the Halifax Convention Centre Security Operations Centre and have accessible tactile Braille call buttons, both inside and outside.

Infrared Audio Assistive Listening Systems are permanently installed in the Convention Hall and Ballroom event spaces, and are temporarily available for meeting rooms and public spaces. Contact your event manager if you have guests who will require the use of these systems, as pre-planning is required.

The Halifax Convention Centre is conveniently located via elevator from the Nova Centre underground public parking garage.

Our restrooms are fully accessible and have stalls, sinks and mirrors that are wheelchair accessible. Each level is also equipped with a private universal washroom.

Certified guide/service/companion animals are always welcome at the Halifax Convention Centre.

Tactile Braille signage is at the entrances of all meeting rooms and restrooms, as well as inside and outside all passenger elevators.

Event planners are responsible for providing wheelchairs, motorized mobility scooters, and other non-permanent access accommodations.

I have a group of delegates who are gluten free. Does your kitchen prepare separate meals for them?

Our expert culinary team prepares 5% of the final guaranteed number as alternate meals. If specific meal requests are required, please supply your event manager with a detailed allergy or alternate meal list based on client needs, including delegate's name, dietary restriction and table number if applicable.

During your event, please advise your delegates to identify themselves on site to a catering staff member if they do have an allergy or restriction.

View our complete menu here.

Is there on-site parking?

Parking is available in the Nova Centre and is managed by Page Realty. Rates can be found here. Please note, rates are subject to change. Please use the North Tower elevator (blue elevator bank) to exit the parkade and enter our facility through your designated event entrance externally. If you require accessibility assistance, you may reach our Delegate Experience team by calling (902) 403-5282.

Additionally, there are two major parkades within close proximity of our Centre, including the Prince George Hotel and Scotia Square Mall.

For further information about parking at the Nova Centre, please contact Tony Ramia:

Is WiFI available for my delegates?

Complimentary Guest WiFi is available in public spaces. WiFi is available in meetings rooms, at a cost. View our Event Planner Toolkit Section C: ICT Services for a full list of WiFi pricing options for your event.

Is water included in my meeting room?

For meetings and conventions, we provide a water station in each meeting room at no charge. For your convenience, we have a water bottle refill station available on each level of our facility.

What are your meeting room capacities?

Our Halifax Convention Centre offers over 120,000 square feet of flexible event space in the heart of downtown. For full space details, including floor plans and capacities, check out our Floor Plans page.

What is included in a basic meeting room rental?

All meeting rooms include the following at no additional charge:

  • One-time standard set-up (such as theatre, classroom or banquet)
  • Head table with banquet chairs
  • Registration and materials table
  • Coat rack(s)
  • Waste and recycling station
  • Digital event posting
  • General housekeeping and building security

What is included in a room when hosting a food and beverage related event?

  • Reception-style cruiser tables with black coverings (quantities are limited, please speak with your event manager for more details)
  • White tablecloths with white or black napkins
  • Water service with meals
  • Votive candles (two per table)
  • Assistance in placing up to two (2) event related items (such as menu cards, promotional items or documents) on banquet oval tables

What do you offer for décor in rooms and on tables?

General décor offerings include white linens for our oval tables, black or white napkins for place settings and tealights that may be added to the centre of tables. For a full list of available items, please speak with your event manager.

When do you require my menu selections? When is my food and beverage guarantee due?

Food and beverage specifications must be received in writing at least 45 days in advance of your event to ensure proper planning. To ensure a successful event, it is necessary to receive your final guarantee five (5) business days prior to your event. Once the final guarantee is submitted, the count may not be decreased. The Halifax Convention Centre will make every effort to accommodate increases after the final guarantee is received; however, for events over 100 guests, any increase exceeding 10% of the final guarantee will be subject to a 10% surcharge of the retail cost of the meal.

What are your service fees? What is your provincial tax? Are there any other fees that I should be aware of?

Food and beverage prices are subject to an 18% service charge and a 15% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).  Please note that the service charge is subject to HST.

What are exhibitor move-in/move-out times, and where do I access the loading dock?

The client and the Halifax Convention Centre together will clearly identify move-in/move-out times. The client is responsible for communicating move-in and move-out times and guidelines to exhibitors/suppliers. Vehicles are required to exit the loading dock immediately upon loading or unloading. If your event will impede normal traffic flow around the streets of the facility, traffic control resources must be deployed and should be arranged through our official trade show services partner, Global. Failure to do so will result in the facility deploying resources, at the client’s expense, to mitigate the traffic impact.

The Halifax Convention Centre loading dock area is located on Market Street in downtown Halifax and is comprised of five (5) docks. Loading dock areas are for temporary pick-up and delivery only. Parking is prohibited. Please confirm availability of individual docks with your event manager during the planning phase of your event, as these areas are shared for other deliveries and events.

Exhibitors may use the Argyle Street, Grafton Street, or parking entrances to transport materials they can carry in one trip to their booths. Examples of acceptable hand-carry materials include: boxes, suitcases or fiberboard shipping cartons, portable displays on wheels and small luggage racks.

Who are your in-house suppliers? Are they preferred or exclusive?

Encore is our partner for audiovisual, digital sign software and support, and is the exclusive provider of rigging services at the Halifax Convention Centre. Encore must be engaged should you require rigging support services for your event.

Global Convention Services Ltd. is our partner for trade show services, off-site storage, vehicle marshalling, as well as booth set-up and furnishings support at the Halifax Convention Centre. Global is also the exclusive provider of materials handling services at the Halifax Convention Centre, and must be engaged should you require materials handling support services.

View our Event Planner Toolkit Section B: Exclusive & Official Partner Services for more details.