Why You Need Primary Point of Contact

We know that planning an event requires a lot of time, energy and focus. Between creating check-lists, communicating specific needs and balancing a budget, you have a lot of balls to juggle. That’s why we worked closely with a core group of event planners to redefine the event experience in our new Centre.

Our goal? Create a seamless event experience that places you and your delegates above all.

The group helped us understand that a crucial piece of the puzzle that’s often missing from venues is having one point of contact to support them through the entire event process. Someone they come to know, trust and can rely on to take care of anything you want or need resolved during the event journey. This is what inspired us to create Primary Point of Contact.

From the moment you book an event with us, we bring our Event Managers in so they can familiarize themselves with you, your event and your team. Working with one member of our team from start to finish helps us ensure no ball is dropped.

From initial planning stages through to your move-out, let us take some of the pressure off so your next event in Halifax is seamless and memorable!