Event Planning 101 – Keeping your event safe and secure


We all know that planning an event is no easy task, especially large events that require enhanced safety and security measures. So we asked our Manager of Building Services, Colin Kiley, and our Manager of Information Technology, Zac Meese, to share some tips on how planners can work with their venue to help keep their event safe and secure. Check out what they had to say.

Tip #1: Communication

Communication is top of the list for planning. Speak with your venue and share as much information as possible about your event to minimize security problems before they even happen. This includes details such as your building and information security needs, the number of guests and VIPs in attendance, highlighting any controversial elements, identifying attendee accreditation needs and outlining any unique venue access requirements.

Tip #2: Be prepared

No one understands the security characteristics of the facility better than the venue security team. Work with them to prepare a risk assessment and discuss this early on to help avoid security compromises. Build and implement emergency procedures that take your needs and the venue’s requirements into consideration. This will ensure that there are no unexpected surprises and that your venue has the right resources in place for your event.

Tip #3: Information security

When guests register and/or pay for services, they assume that their information is being kept secure. Confirm that the proper information security measures are in place by asking your venue the following:

  • Secure payments – When registering for internet or paying for a drink, is your venue using secure and encrypted methods to avoid theft of information?
  • Network security – Does the venue have the proper network security in place to keep data safe and minimize the chances of someone compromising their systems? Do you require added network security? If so, consider a dedicated network for your event.

In general, assess security risks in a reasonable and thoughtful manner. Determine an appropriate balance between security needs and the accessibility needs of your attendees. Too little security is not acceptable; neither is too much security. However, if you and your venue know what to expect ahead of time, your event will run a lot smoother and safer!