Fact Sheet: Audiovisual Supplier Agreement Overview


FMAV will be promoted and positioned as the official in-house partner for audiovisual services for the new Halifax Convention Centre over a five-year term that includes:

- Provision and maintenance of all equipment and materials, as well as staff experienced in delivering exceptional audiovisual services for conventions and trades shows.   

- Provision of audiovisual services including, but not limited to: video and audio production and projection/display, audio sound reinforcement, simultaneous interpretation, audience response systems, speech teleprompters and support presentation equipment, video-conferencing equipment, webcasting, wireless communications, and presentation management services.

- Acting as the exclusive supplier of rigging services for clients.

- Provision of digital signage software and services to support customer wayfinding, event information and visitor information needs.


The final contract will be structured to allow for the profitability of both the Halifax Convention Centre and FMAV, and (subject to negotiation) will include:

- Commission to the facility based on 45 per cent of the invoices for services billed to clients.

- Regular capital investment in Halifax Convention Centre systems and equipment over the term of the contract, including:

  o   A $250,000 technology subsidy to fund the purchase, service and maintenance of systems to enhance service delivery.

  o   An additional $25,000 annual contribution toward technology, should annual revenue exceed $1.25 million.

  o   A $210,000 investment in digital signage software and hardware; $10,000 annual licensing fees.

  o   Provision for additional capital investment should the contract term be extended beyond five years.


Media Contacts:

Suzanne Fougere 
Trade Centre Limited
Email: suzanne@tclns.com

Alissa Hurley
Email: ahurley@fmav.ca