Dalhousie Chinese Students & Scholars Association (DCSSA) New Student Orientation

September 2

Founded in 1989, the Dalhousie University Chinese Students & Scholars Association (DCSSA) is a revered social service organization established by dedicated Chinese student groups at Dalhousie University. We are honored to be supported by the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in Canada. Each year, we proudly host our flagship event – the New Chinese Students Orientation – with the primary aim of ensuring a smooth transition for our incoming students to life in Dalhousie University, and in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Event Highlights:

Introduction to Dalhousie University: Learn about the rich history, culture, and opportunities that Dalhousie offers to its diverse student body.

Discovering Halifax: From its vibrant arts scene to its historic waterfront, get to know the charm and allure of Halifax and what makes it a perfect student city.

Interactive Q&A Sessions: Have questions? We're here to help! Engage with seniors, alumni, and faculty in interactive sessions to get all your queries addressed.

Why Attend?

Moving to a new country and adapting to a different culture can be challenging. This orientation is designed to provide new Chinese students with a comprehensive understanding of their new home, both within and outside the university's walls. It's a unique opportunity to meet fellow students, network with seniors, and establish a strong foundation for your academic journey ahead.

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Saturday, September 2, 2023