5 Conference Hacks to Make Your Experience Awesome!

Event Planning in the Salon

In all the complexity of event planning, it can be easy to forget that one thing (in this case, five things) that can enhance an already amazing program. To ensure you feel prepared, here are five conference hacks to make your meeting and convention experience at Halifax Convention Centre awesome.

COMFY SHOES: With over 120,000 square feet of event space – including our 30,000-square foot ballroom overlooking the city and 50,000-square feet of multi-purpose space – you’ll have no problem hitting your step goals in our facility. Be sure to pack comfy footwear but if you do need bandages for blisters, we’re happy to help with that, too. While you’re walking, check out the rest of our beautiful city – only a hundred steps to the Halifax waterfront and many wonderful shops, bars and restaurants.

WATER BOTTLE: With sustainability in mind, Halifax Convention Centre has filtered cold-water refill stations conveniently near our restroom areas to keep you healthy and hydrated through your day.

CONTACT INFO: Business cards may seem old fashioned, but it never hurts to have your contact information on hand and ready to share. Consider preparing QR codes with your information or learn how to Airdrop notes from phone to phone – cool, fast, and sustainable.

PHONE/DEVICE CHARGER: While Halifax Convention Centre offers two multi-port charging stations near our main convention space, you might prefer to charge up in-room during sessions, in which case, make sure to bring your phone or device charger to your conference. You never know when you’ll want to add someone on LinkedIn, take notes on the program, or refresh the conference schedule to plan your day.

WEATHER GEAR: As we’re located in coastal Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the North Atlantic ocean, our weather varies from minute to minute, day to day. In mid-to-late October, for instance, you might expect rain, wind, sun, or snow, so make sure to pack an umbrella, sunscreen, and a sweater. As the old Maritime saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather in Halifax, just wait five minutes.”

If you do forget something, or need anything at all, our Guest Experience Team is always here to help.