Event Planning 101 - Colourful Ideas

According to one of our awesome event planners, Jeff, the tone of an event is often set by the colour scheme. We asked him to tell us more about picking the right colours for any event.

Why are colours an important part of event planning?
Colours are linked to people’s moods – for example, red is an aggressive colour, and blue is a calming colour. That’s one of the reasons trade show drape is often blue. Colours often have associations too – purple is often used for charities.

The calming blue hues of the Halifax Harbour.

What colours do you generally like to work with for spring events?
Anything light and fresh. Greens, blues, yellow, white with light accents – lighter colours that reflect the changing of the darker winter season into light and airy spring.


What are some ways you can introduce accent colours in rooms without going overboard?
You can try trim around stage, coloured or patterned napkins and overlays or runners, and simple but colourful flower arrangements. And coloured uplighting often works well.

What are some ways you find inspiration or ideas for colour palette design?
I like to go to events of various types and from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds to find inspiration and something new.

What’s a go-to colour for spring from year-to-year?
Green is always a safe bet.


Where do you look online for inspiration?
Pinterest, Instagram, and Flipbook are my go-tos.

Where do you look for inspiration in your everyday life?
I look for interesting colour contrasts between nature and the city. Especially here on the East Coast, where the ocean and coastline can be so dramatic. Of course, social media and television, as well as modern and classic art are inspirations for me too.

What are some creative ways you’ve seen colour used for events or in the world around you?
Coloured uplighting can really transform a space. Or coloured flood lighting on a dark backdrop can be dramatic.

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