We put people first. No matter what.   

The Halifax Convention Centre makes sure everyone can be welcomed into our spaces. Here’s how:

  • The building interior and exterior is wheelchair accessible, including automatic doors, wide curb cuts, washrooms and water fountains.
  • Every floor and common area is accessible via elevators, and include two-way communication in case of emergency.

  • Particular event spaces include permanent hearing assist systems, like Infrared Audio Assistive Listening Systems, and these can be temporarily included in every space as needed.
  • Tactile Braille signage is at the entrances of all meeting rooms and restrooms, as well as inside and outside all passenger elevators.

  • Certified guide, service and companion animals are always welcome (and we can help them enjoy their time with us too, like providing water and snacks if needed).
  • Our restrooms are fully accessible and have stalls, sinks and mirrors that are wheelchair accessible. Each level is also equipped with a private universal washroom.

We take many other measures, big and small, to make sure everyone feels comfortable in our facility. And our team can help you plan for every consideration. 

Find out more by visiting our Event Planner Toolkit